Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Free will paradox.

So I figure that I function with a free will i never knew existed,
and in this funny explosion of free will,
I figure that I am free.

Now, I would not attempt to explain these funny circumstances,
but I would attempt to assume a free will.

For as I see it,
I can either assume and create
Or i can conclude and resign to what is.

For if I were to conclude (and conclude ruthlessly at that),
I would conclude that I am a puppet and I know not of my master,
I know not of his strings, his will or his ways,
or his supposed 'elaborate divine plan.'

But I might just assume a free will and break free from such a construct anyway..

I, sirs,
may not possess a free will,
but I function with it.
And for all I care (and despite how it all appears)
I am free..


  1. Interesting...very interesting...

  2. good to hear from you co-chief :)

  3. Let us for a second ponder upon the great concept of volition/ choice/ free will and try to locate its greatness... you may well find... that it is only in today when the rebel is revered that free will is worth willing toward... how free is that???
    anyhow, you write well :)

  4. So you would have the rebel or the deviant proclaiming free will as he defies the system. True.
    Setting aside the entire 'free will vs determinism' debate, this is a question which goes beyond that and it concerns everyone.I can rephrase the question and express it thus(in a manner which makes it less vague/philosophical and more real)-
    'Given my life and the thousand variables beyond my control that affect it, what say do i have in my life? How potent am I in facing my life?'
    ..and that is something i guess everyone ends up asking themselves at some point or the other..
    Thank you, btw...its good to have a receptive reader :)

  5. ujwal you are prodding what no one has ever resolved, i too was stuck with it sometime ago,i guess we have to come up with our own interpretation, like if everything is pre determined then how can man be made accountable for his sins,it sort of nullifies the whole idea good or evil/heaven or makes you wonder what MAN is? and compels you ask the most potent question which is; what is the purpose of our creation,why are you here?why should you die?
    but there is simpler way, man may not have a free will but he certainly has what we call the choice, so what happens eventually is certainly out of our hands but the road we take irrespective of the outcome is what this entire life is all about...btw you are the most unique and enigmatic 'puppet',a reservoir of ideas and thoughts,no other creation has surpassed this'puppet'alas its still a puppet,dont go the sisyphus way, dont you recall what happened to Nietzsche? 'freedom'is the most elusive term

  6. yes we need to come up with our own interpretations..
    but i wouldn't like to see my life as being is in a sense contradictory and it freaks me out(what you just mentioned-how can we be held accountable for what we do when its certain that we'll do that?)...

    i would rather see it as a bunch of variables acting about me and shaping the consequences that eventually surround me (with noone necessarily controlling those variables)..and if i use the terms 'master' or 'creator', it is simply to give it all a poetic touch, nothing else..

    if i were to guess, there is no 'elaborate plan' or destiny out there...just a bunch of variables messing around..
    its a subtle distinction, but it funnily matters to me..
    thank you for reading, btw :)

  7. well then there has to be something that determine these 'variables' to mess our lives in a certain or not so certain way...anyways i like your random thoughts in random verses...perspicacious indeed:))