Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Free will paradox.

So I figure that I function with a free will i never knew existed,
and in this funny explosion of free will,
I figure that I am free.

Now, I would not attempt to explain these funny circumstances,
but I would attempt to assume a free will.

For as I see it,
I can either assume and create
Or i can conclude and resign to what is.

For if I were to conclude (and conclude ruthlessly at that),
I would conclude that I am a puppet and I know not of my master,
I know not of his strings, his will or his ways,
or his supposed 'elaborate divine plan.'

But I might just assume a free will and break free from such a construct anyway..

I, sirs,
may not possess a free will,
but I function with it.
And for all I care (and despite how it all appears)
I am free..

Thursday, December 23, 2010


And barring my inception,
I have been in this funny shade of grey all my life,
And it was here that I (however vaguely) defined myself.

It was here that my world assumed its color,
My thoughts assumed their precision,
And I let go of my cherished assumptions

It was here that the world overwhelmed me
My conscience got foggy for the better,
And uncertainties flooded me.

It was here that I learnt how to love,
My gods became redundant,
And I threw away my crutches.

And it was here that I learnt how to live,
How to flow despite the flow of life,
And how to feel when the world seemed numb.