Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I see a child, young and free,
and he's questioning existence as he questions me.
With his faculties exhausted with sights and sounds and smells,
ranging from steel structures to butterflies and fairy-tales,
he has exhausted himself to freedom.
He has captured awe as I had captured it once..

I smile and i walk with him
and i let the world overwhelm me for once..
I am less able than him, but able nonetheless.

I answer some straightaway,
dodge the technical, weird ones..and am stunned by the others.
I cannot answer them, I have not answered them.
They have eluded me as they have eluded mankind,
as they would elude him and his sons and daughters.

And such was the creator's intent,
to rest in awe and humility,
to seek happiness-not in the answer,
but in the incessant pursuit.

I turn to him
I shrug and I smile and I babble.

1 comment:

  1. an underlying theme of numbness and seeking emotion... you capture it in poise... in words and form:) in all your work.