Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weaving magic..

Weaving magic, my magician and I..
Unraveling our lives-our gods, our lies.
We travel light for we are to travel far..
Leaving no impression, no baggage, carrying no scar..

And I would ask my god-How did I chance upon?
A flower so simple, the freshness of dawn..
I would dance in joy, for how did I greet?
A being so complete, a song as sweet..

Weaving magic, and our tales unfold..
Of warmth, of happiness; of numbness, of cold..
And we greet them all, for there's nothing else to embrace..
but life as she is, with ease and with grace..

And I would bow down in reverence-How could life be?
As kind, as generous, as tremendous to me..
I would dance with my magician, for here we are..
Undistorted and brilliant-in love unscarred..

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